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Shaping our Future Foundation

This week, Shaping our Future Foundation (SOFF) is celebrating its first anniversary.

One main goal of SOFF is to increase the enrolment, retention and completion of secondary school education of 5,000 (rural) village girls by 31st December 2026. The strategic approaches the Foundation has used over the past twelve months to achieve this goal have been four-fold: Keeping Girls in School, Supporting the needs of street kids, Women’s Economic Empowerment and Sexual Reproductive Health.

There are currently a few activities happening under the Keeping Girls in School banner. Read more about how activities under The Provision of Scholarships programme, The Mentorship Programme, The Girls Education Leadership Coordination forum, The Educating Linda and Tertiary Scholarships by the Merck Foundation have achieved over the past few months.

How can you help?
  1. Sponsor a specific girl/groups of girls
  2. Join the mentorship programme
  3. Become a sponsor for any of the programmes
  4. Contribute skills, time and resources to upcoming virtual projects from your country of residence
  5. Contribute skills, time and resources to projects in Malawi during vacation
Download this document to find out how much is needed, and how you can get involved.

Ka Girl Foundation – Tina Sayenda’s Story

I launched Ka Girl Child for the benefit of Malawian girls between the ages of 10 to 18. It was launched in February 2021. I launched it because of the issues surrounding the girl child in Malawi such as their failure to complete their education, being sold into marriage at a young age, and lack of support with menstrual hygiene supplies. My primary goal was to find ways to penetrate into the education space and bridge the gaps in literacy, mathematics, technological tools in learning as well as instilling entrepreneurial skills and methods to combat the issue of poverty; and to encourage income sustainability in affected households as well as independence.

My greatest achievement has been graduating with an Honours degree in Strategic Communication then later obtaining my Post Graduate Certificate of Education. I realized my passion for teaching soon after starting work in the corporate field where I found very little fulfilment and drive for myself.

I have worked as a volunteer with Sophia A Kanza Foundation, for over 3years, as well as individually for a few other organizations. I believe in respecting humble beginnings, all things require process and the success thereof is dependent on our understanding and patience during the process and particularly at the beginning. Focus, discipline and sacrifice are the price for success. Different is good and serve for Jesus! Nothing happens overnight

No man is an island. My family allowed me to be myself. It took many people to get where I am, and I want to pay it forward. Everyone deserves a chance. Many people reach their potential because someone believed in them. I want to be the hope for young girls in Malawi.



The National Planning Commission has overall responsibility over “MALAWI 2063”. This is the vision to be an inclusively wealthy and self-reliant industrialized ‘upper-middle- income country’ by the year 2063 so we can fund our development needs primarily by ourselves.

The NPC is willing to work in partnership with the Malawian Women in Diaspora Network to fulfil their main mandate, which is to coordinate the development of long and medium-term development plans based on the country’s comparative advantages and resource potential.

This includes identifying flagship projects at national and decentralized levels to operationalize the plans.

As Malawians currently living in the Diaspora, we look forward to engaging with the NPC in order to contribute and benefit from the implementation of the vision’s policies, including participation in review mechanisms, participation in initiatives as well as in the coordinated approach to the implementation of the vision’s enablers.



I am Ruth.

I am the founder and Executive Chef of Ruth’s Super Kitchen. We serve quality, freshly prepared mouthwatering food that has distinctive flavours. We believe that the commitment we give in the kitchen should always give satisfaction at the table, giving our customers a remarkable experience and superior service. I view every dish that leaves my kitchen as a product that carries my name, image and reputation, so there is no cutting corners around me.

I love the challenge of cooking and that is what motivates my creativity in the kitchen. My earliest memories of cooking revolve around my family kitchen and the home cooking of my dearest mother. As a young girl, I spent most of my Saturday afternoons learning new recipes. I would sell birthday cakes and scones to my friends at school; and enjoyed hosting dinner parties when I left home.

In 2016, I officially registered Ruth’s Super Kitchen as a limited company in the United Kingdom. I take pride in educating myself to find new ways to grow the business and create new recipes. I am looking forward to having a world class training centre one day that will focus on excellence, creativity and fun cooking.

I am a believer in building positive relationships. I love empowering young girls and women so that they can take care of their personal wellbeing and rise above any obstacles. I do this by sharing my personal journey, experiences and struggles that I have been through and how I overcame. So I founded Be Fierce.

Be Fierce was birthed with a desire that everyone ought to discover parts of themselves that are fierce, especially when the going gets tough. Fierce women are brave enough to be what they want, regardless of cultural, society and religious views. Fierce women are always looking for ways to make their lives as well as the world around them better. Fierce living is all about the intense focus on ourselves and those around us in a very positive way. Being fierce means you embrace who you are every day and love yourself so fiercely. I am this kind of woman, and I aspire to raise such kind of women.

The first edition of Fierce Magazine came out in the summer of 2021. The magazine is a collection of personal and unapologetic stories intended to inspire and bring healing. I believe our scars should bring hope and healing to someone else.

I am also the founder of Oldham Community Meals (OLCOM), an organization that is working to help reduce hunger in our community. We provide tasty home cooked meals to those struggling to have a decent meal due to illness, homelessness and financial challenges, especially now a result of the pandemic. The vision of OLCOM is to add value to the community welfare by providing nutrition, emotional and psychological relief and support.

I am part of the MaWDNetwork’s Sisterhood for Change, willing and ready to network with fellow Malawian women in the diaspora.

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Instagram: @fierce.lady_1

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School going girls in Malawi face a lot of problems in order to stay and succeed in school. As a member of the sisterhood, you can contribute towards a whole or partial scholarship for one or more of the girls that have been identified by the Shaping our Future Foundation. Here is some information that will help you decide: